Luxe Malaca House By Mario Martins Atelier

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The Malaca House can be found in LagosPortugal, and it was completed in 2013 by a company called Mario Martins Atelier. The architect in charge of the project was Mário Martins, while the rest of the team consisted of Sónia Fialho, Filipa Santos, Sónia Santos, Rui Duarte and José Cabrita. Before we describe the interior of this luxurious residence, we should probably tell you a bit about its stunning outdoors.

This is where we find a large swimming pool as well as carefully trimmed gardens and lawns.  The abode is completely surrounded by natural vegetation and the property offers great relaxation opportunities for the owners and their guests. Inside, a minimalistic design based on white walls, concrete elements and large windows impresses instantly. The furniture pieces are modern and give off a feeling of quality and fine taste, while the high-end amenities and generous living arrangements contribute to an atmosphere of elegance and fine taste.

The main floor of the house includes 3 bedrooms as well as an office. There is also a lower space that features the kitchen and a living room, both of which are linked to a glass wall that opens up to offer gorgeous views of the countryside.

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From the architect:

The design of this new house was based on a pre-existing, somewhat uninteresting construction which was not fit for habitation, although it did have interesting stone walls.

The main floor of the house sits on a stone wall, on the upper part of the land.  This has three bedrooms and an office which is reached through a generously lit corridor.

A lower space rises naturally from the natural characteristics of the physical support, “sandwiched” by the stone wall, where there is the main entrance to a full-height area, with a living room next to an open kitchen.  This communal area opens out to a glass wall that goes down to the ground with a view of the countryside, which still has a rural atmosphere.

The house has been redesigned with a contemporary language, but using a scale, forms, elements and materials present in the local architecture.  The intention is primarily to reach a compromise between the vernacular architecture and a modern design, which is simple with a quiet presence and where the natural vegetation, of almond and carob trees typical of the Algarve countryside, predominates.

And so the forms are discreet and the materials are natural:  the stone on the walls and all the floors, the visible concrete and the white walls that reflect the intense and constant Algarve sun.

Architects: Mario Martins Atelier
Location: Sargaçal, 8600 Lagos, Portugal
Architect in Charge: Mário Martins
Team: Sónia Fialho; Filipa Santos; Sónia Santos; Rui Duarte; José Cabrita
Year: 2013
Photographs: Fernando Guerra | FG + SG

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