Plain House in Mosteiro by Arquitectos Matos


The following residence is an architectural work of art that reveals the craftsmanship of the Arquitectos Matos, who tried to exemplify the fact that the clean lines and the fine design mixed with classic architecture can lead to a great result. Located in Santa Maria da Feira, Aveiro, the house can successfully accommodate a large family who requires space.

From the architects:

“The concept of the project comes from the combined interpretation of the functional program of a single-family house with the specific premises of the clients, as from the study of the characteristics of the lot and its surroundings and morphological conditions.

The house is organized in a single floor around a central courtyard, facing South and West, protected from the street on the North side.

Shaped as an “L”, it is divided in two parts – a longitudinal volume organized the service areas and the leisure zone, while the bedrooms are located in the shorter volume, transversal to the lot. An additional volume, a storage room placed in the limit of the terrain, accurately defines the central courtyard.”

Photos by João Morgado

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