Small Yet Comfortable House in Chiharada By Studio Velocity

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Anne Francis
Anne Francis
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The House in Chiharada can be found in Okazaki-shi, Aichi-ken, Japan, and it was designed by Studio Velocity for a young couple. It offers just 592 square feet of living space but is able to ensure a comfortable lifestyle thanks to its ingenious design and high-end amenities. The abode was built on a property that was split in half, and so it is found close by to a larger, two-story main residence. It features a round-shaped layout that was chosen in order to ensure privacy for both homes, and it boasts four enclosed staircases that ensure quick and easy access between its first and second floors.

The bathroom and a few small rooms are found at the first floor, where we also find a gathering hall that can be used by the family members for relaxation and socialization. As we mentioned before, this is not the most spacious home in the world, but it does come with high quality finishes, modern appliances, plush sofas and beds as well as efficient lighting systems. All of these elements contribute to an ambiance of modernism and comfort that other larger houses struggle to match.

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Photos by Kentaro Kurihara

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