SMPW House In Brasília, Brazil

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Designed by LAB606, the SMPW House is located in Brasilia, Brazil, and it was completed in 2009. The project flaunts 1,915 square feet of space and is composed of a trio of embedded cubic volumes that shape various spaces and define their particular uses. The bedroom and living room are integrated on different levels through a double height volume, while a longitudinal volume incorporates the stairs and the wet areas.

The project was focused on comfort and low maintenance. The architects used concrete blocks for the pillars and for the home’s enclosure in order to ensure wood economy. Another economic-related feature concerned the grilles and frames, which were designed to complement standard metal profiles created for openings at different angles. These openings provide protection from the heat and ensure privacy for a spa, which includes a hot tub and a deck.

From the architect:

The design is composed of three embedded cubic volumes that determine the functional organization of the spaces and the rationalization of uses.

A longitudinal volume includes wet areas and the stairs, while the living room and bedroom, in different levels, are integrated through a double height.

The premise of this project was the construction of an affordable house easy to maintain. The construction system adopted must also meet these customer expectations; the pillars were built with concrete blocks, the same blocks used in the enclosure of the house. This allowed both wood economy and a simple architectural plastic expression, defining the continuous planes of the facades, interrupted only by the beams which enhance the horizontality of the building.

Also for economic reasons, all frames and grilles are designed to work with standard metal profiles. The latter are designed for openings with different angles, allowing heat protection and at the same time providing privacy to the adjacent room, where we designed a spa area with deck and hot tub.


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Architects: LAB606

Location: Park Way – SMPW Quadra 28 Conjunto 4 – Núcleo Bandeirante, Brasília – DF, Brasil

Project Architects: Horia Georgescu e Carlos Café

Project Area: 178.0 m2

Project Year: 2009

Photographs: Joana França

Construction: LAB606

Structure: ECTA Engenharia


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