Sophisticated Doble Dueto Interiors by Cuatropensante

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Jane Mullock
Jane Mullock
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This remarkable 1,400-square-foot apartment is located in Albaida, Valencia, Spain. Its interiors were completed by Spanish interior design studio Cuatropensante, and the main material used throughout the project was HI-MACS, a new natural acrylic stone. Called Doble Dueto, the dwelling belongs to a businessman who wanted a home that could reflect his character as family man and business traveler.

The first thing that the designers did was to change the partition of the apartment, dividing it into three main spaces. Another key request was for Cuatropensante to make the best possible use of natural sunlight. This resulted in a work area designed right beside the living room windows, and enjoying the lovely views.

The residence also features an automated system that measures and regulates light intensity to keep it at optimum levels depending on the time of year and day. This translates into better energy consumption control and increased comfort.

Some of the best features of this apartment include the glass-walled interior garden, which ensures continuity and a lovely visual connection between spaces, the inviting outdoor living areas, the sophisticated color palette (black, white, oak, and gold leaf), and of course the use of HI-MACS, which has numerous excellent properties, including thermostatic and thermoforming ones.

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