Superb Uhee Sushi Restaurant In Kaohsiung City, Taiwan

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Jane Mullock
Jane Mullock
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Even though it is not necessarily the largest restaurant in the world, Uhee Sushi still manages to distinguish itself from other similar establishments thanks to its coziness, intimacy and welcoming allure. Sketched out by House Design, this lovely 538-square foot abode can be found within Kaohsiung City in Taiwan, and it is based on an older storefront that features a 13-foot tall ceiling.

The sense of intimacy and coziness that we mentioned before was achieved with the help of natural materials such as weathering teak, which was used extensively for the wall finishing process. Ball-shaped lamps boasting utmost transparency were implemented in order to brighten up the atmosphere, but other excessive decoration elements were avoided in order to maintain the tranquility of the establishment.

Stepping inside the Uhee Sushi restaurant is an instantly calming experience, and while its decors and seating arrangements are inviting and comfortable, the dishes that are prepared by the professional chef are even more breathtaking.

Photos by Joy Liu

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