The Beautiful Kaprys House from Galera Estudio


This stunning residence was sketched out by architects from the Galera Estudio Company, and can be found in Buenos Aires, Argentina, placed on a sand dune and surrounded by beautiful trees. It was built using mostly hollow brick and concrete materials, and features 190 square meters (2,045 sq. ft.) of living spaces that benefit from a superb 360-degree view of the forest.

The garage and the access hall are both placed bellow the living room, and a staircase provides access to the social and private areas.

The dining room, the living room and the kitchen are placed on an L-shaped level, and are appointed with high-end appliances as well as modern furnishings. The bedrooms are found towards the interior of the layout in a private area that opens up to the beautiful outdoors.

Photos by Diego Medina

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