The Geometric Shaped House S by Lassala+Elenes Arquitectos

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Anne Francis
Anne Francis
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The House S is a great contemporary residence in Zapopan, Jalisco, México designed by Lassala+Elenes Arquitectos, featuring 1,080 sqm of luxurious space. It amazes by simplicity and clean lines due to its geometric shape and great interior design. The house is also identifying itself with the place, borrowing specific elements from Mexico. The whole construction is divided in two parts: one made out of stone and the other one from stucco that come very naturally together being separated just by a vertical glass.

The cumarú wood was the raw material for the main door and the garage doors. The double-height central gallery is the star of the house that can be accessed from all rooms. Beauty consists in details and this is the principledesigners used in building the house using the finest materials such as beige ivory marble, cumarú wood, porcelain tiles, hardwood cumaru flooring, black volcanic stone and chocolate travertine marble. With that being said, visualization is your responsibility. Enjoy!

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