All Seasons Houseboat by Milan Řídký

All Seasons Houseboat By Milan Řídký

The houseboat is a wonderful experience for those who love living on the sea and not only. It’s well known that water has the capacity of calming one down so if you own such a house then you’re one lucky person. Located in Marina Vltava, Nelahozeves, Czech Republic, this superb floating home was designed by Milan Řídký who turned a boat into a perfectly useful and luxurious home. It is livable all year long and because of that you could sell your own, buy this one and spend fantasy days on an eternal cruise. If you thought the only way you could live in this spectacular house is on water, we must tell you that it has wheels and allows transport on road so it can be used in the privacy of your courtyard when you need to have a moment of peace. Thanks to some brilliant minds your dream came true!

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