The Kale Café Is Original And Impressive


Located in BinjiangHangzhou, China, the Kale Café was designed by a company called YAMO Design, and it features a rather unconventional interior design that was created with convenience and functionality in mind. The establishment was sketched out to provide a special indoor/outdoor experience for its visitors, a feat that was achieved by implementing a selection of small houses throughout the main public sections.

These little houses are used to accommodate specific, important areas within the café. For example, the deck, the main entrance, the bar and the toilet areas are comprised within these small homes, and in order to create the illusion of an outdoor experience, the architects placed several “tree lamps” in close proximity to the mini-abodes.

The project was put together using reused materials, which means that it was built on a relatively small budget. Still, the result gives off a sense of quality, harmony and fine taste, not to mention originality. The Kale Café is a popular establishment in Hangzhou, and so it received several awards including the “Best Creative Café in Hangzhou” and “Most Artistic Café in Hangzhou”.

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