The Magical Point Property in Bay Island

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Jane Mullock
Jane Mullock
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The Point Property is a piece of jewelry from a precious necklace named the Bay Island which is a fantastical small world that gathers the beauty of the nature and is privately owned by 23 families. The houses here have passed from generation to generation so for this particular reason this incredible place had little access to public, turning into a virgin and almost divine place. Surrounded by water from three sides, the Point Property offers stunning views over the boating activity, the mountains, the lights of Fashion Island and also over the Newport Coast. Situated in the middle of an incredibly quiet an serene place, this dream home is perfect for a romantic vacation or just for the sake of escaping the city jungle. On the South side of the property, a North-South tennis court and a beautiful rose cutting-garden are landscaped. Now you can see why a property like this is passed from generation to generation. An opportunity of owning one comes once in a lifetime. This is a truly magical and one of a kind home!

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The Magical Point Property in Bay Island (14) The Magical Point Property in Bay Island (11) The Magical Point Property in Bay Island (8)

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