The SODAE House by VMX Architects

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This very special abode features an intriguing exterior design made by VMX Architects and it can be found in Amstelveen, The Netherlands on a private island south of Amsterdam. The house was built following the principle of a bunker, providing clear, unobstructed views of its surroundings while being sheltered by the encircling natural landscape.
The residence has three floors and it features a contemporary design that comprises straight lines and simple shapes on the outside, as well as modern, minimalistic furnishings and decorations inside. The living room and the kitchen can be found on the first floor in a loft-like setting, benefiting from the exquisite views of Amsterdam’s “skyscrapers” or the distant Zuidas business area. The bathrooms and the bedrooms are placed in a more intimate area, overlooking a beautiful garden while the basement comprises entertainment facilities such as the home cinema and an exercise room.
The house features two separate areas that are divided vertically, one for the parents and one for the children, each having its own separate staircase, bathroom and entrance. However, these areas do connect in a central spot, in a 2-in-1 bathroom, emphasizing both privacy and connectivity between the parents and their children, all thanks to a very well thought and ingenious layout.
The private location, luxurious amenities and incredible interior design all blend ensuring a perfect living environment and a wonderful place to call home.

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