Oriental Bo Zen Bar by Central Arquitectos

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Technical list:
Type of project: commercial/ night club
Localization: Avenida D. João II, 4715-275, Braga, Portugal
Client: Bô Zen
Condition: completed in 2012
Number of floors: 1
Surface: 465 square meters
Settlement: Urban
Water Supply Project: Alcepi Engineering
Wastewater Network Project: Alcepi Engineering
Security Project against Fires: Alcepi Engineering
Electrical and Telecommunications Project: Silfa Energy

From the very beginning, the idea was to create a cozy and elegant bar very similar to a private living room in a preexisting building and finally the concept was brought to life due to Central Arquitectos.

This ingenious interior design with diffuse light is oriental inspired and makes all guest feel like they are making a journey. A big contribution in creating this unique sensation was brought by the noble materials used such as marble, wood and gilt metal mixed with warm colors and textured fabrics.

The special decorative and architectural details of the ceiling are emphasized by the strategic use of the mirrors.

Traditional and contemporary evocative elements were mingled in order to transform the bar into a warm and private environment.

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Oriental Bo Zen Bar by Central Arquitectos:

“The challenge proposed was to design a Bar located in a preexisting building whose concept was to create a space with the characteristics of a private living room.
The project explores the creation of a noble and refined place with a strong oriental inspiration.
A mixture of noble materials such as marble, wood and gilt metal combined with a palette of warm colors and textured fabrics offers a cozy and comfortable ambient.
A monumental hall marks the entrance with a contemporary style and leads to the living room of the bar.
The use of mirrors reflects the ceiling´s delicate decorative and other architectural details of the interior environment.
The design of the ceiling comes from a reinterpretation of an oriental motif, standardized by a module that materializes a delicate mesh strongly emphasized by indirect lighting application.
The lighting has been designed to reflect and accentuate the elegance of the space.
The bar space transports you to a warm environment where a fascinating blend of traditional and contemporary evocative elements lead the client to a private living room.”


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