Tips for Finding the Right Apartment in Kansas City

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Kansas City is one of the best US cities to live in. The cost of living is lower than the national average, unemployment is lower too, and it’s one of those places where nobody has anything bad to say about it. KC probably isn’t the city for you if you want celebrity restaurants or Broadway shows, but the city has plenty of culture and some great outdoors attractions and walking trails.

apartment in Kansas City
apartment in Kansas City

There are lots of great reasons to move to Kansas City, so if you’ve been offered a job there or you want a change of scenery, here are some tips for finding the right apartment.

Choosing a Neighborhood

The neighborhood you choose will depend on a number of things. Budget is often top of the list, closely followed by where you work and whether you’re in the market for a family home or an apartment complex full of party-loving singles.

  • Trendy Overland Park is one of the nicest neighborhoods in Kansas City. It is blessed with hiking trails, museums, and other attractions, and is popular with families.
  • Brookside is hip and cool, which makes it popular with young professionals and 20-something Millennials. From cool coffee shops and hip eateries, Brookside is the place to be when you’re young and trendy.
  • Leawood is adjacent to Overland Park and is equally stylish. Some of the best Kansas City schools are found in Leawood, so this district is very popular with families of school-age kids. There are gastropubs and wine bars galore, so entertainment options are plentiful.
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Do some research if you are looking for luxury duplexes for rent in Gardner, KS, homes in River Market, and apartments in the Crossroads Art District.

Speak to a Local Realtor

For more in-depth information on the pros and cons of each neighborhood, speak to a local realtor. They are the experts and can give you plenty of detailed, bespoke advice. Local realtors can advise you on rental prices, what areas offer the best choice for the type of property you need, and more.

Spend Some Time in the City

Finding an apartment is not a five-minute task. If you rush the process, the danger is you end up locked into a lease on an apartment you hate. Whether you are moving to the city to be closer to the family or you are taking up a job offer, spend time searching for the right apartment.

Check out available properties and view them with your personal ‘wish list’ in mind. Be prepared to compromise on some things, as it’s rare to find a property that ticks all the right boxes.

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Once you have narrowed down your choice to the top three properties, visit them at different times of the day. A nice, quiet apartment during the day might be blighted by excessive noise in the evening. This is not something you want to discover when you move in.

Lastly, do a dummy commute before you sign a lease, to make sure it is doable in the time-frame you have.

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