Quindiciquattro Residence In Turin, Italy

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Completed in 2013 in Turin, Italy, Quindiciquattro is a contemporary private home that was sketched out by Fabio Fantolino. It flaunts a mix of contemporary and classic elements, particularly when it comes to the choice of materials, and it impresses with a generous selection of high-end amenities that can support a comfortable lifestyle.

The kitchen features a high quality wooden table as well as a modern hanging lighting system, a metal countertop and a small TV. The bedroom includes a large, comfortable bed as well as wooden floors and nightstands that contrast nicely with the white walls and white curtains.  Moving on to the bathroom, we find a modern shower with a wooden floor, a white bathtub and a large window that welcomes plenty of natural light within.

The owners are also able to enjoy quiet moments of relaxation and contemplation at a small reading area, which boasts a comfortable chair, a lamp and ample shelving for books.

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