Top 5 Reasons to Invest in a Solid Wood Dining Table

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Perhaps, you believe that you have everything in your home But wait a minute, do you have a hardwood dining set? This is one of the significant pieces of furniture that you’ll get in any modern home. Nowadays, you can get hardwood tables in different styles and designs. Owing one will allow you to accommodate guests and accentuate the look of your space.  

Which size of dining table suits my space?

The ideal size depends on your available space. For a smaller dining space, a sleek dining table would be perfect. For a regular family, a four to six-seater table would fit most lining arrangements. However, if you have a large family and entertain guests often, you need a bigger dining set. This can be An Extendable Dining Table that accommodates 8-14 people. Extendables are common in most contemporary homes and are great choices for anyone who values additional space.

What are the dining set styles?

Quality solid wood dining sets are normally crafted from oak, maple, walnut, cherry, or teak. These are durable pieces of furniture that come in different styles and colors. It’s advisable to buy this as a package and not go for the table and chairs separately. This way, the seats, and table complement each other, and the seats are compatible.

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The most popular designs are rectangle or square and some with extendable functions like leaves. Oval and round tables are also common. They are most suitable for contemporary dining spaces and offer additional legroom. That’s not all; you’ll get tables designs with tapered legs, pedestal base, or trestle base. For the chairs, you’ll get them in different styles. Wooden dining tables and chairs are classy and timeless and are very comfortable.

Why acquire a solid wood dining table?

 Solid wood dining sets come with numerous gains. You have all the reasons to choose these tables over plastic, metal, or other materials available. The benefits include;

1. Easy cleaning& Maintenance

Solid hardwood tables are fairly easy to clean. They require minimal maintenance, and you can easily clean them by wiping or dusting, which restores the glow and appeal. As long as you avoid cleaning with strong cleaning agents or exposing the set of objects, you can be sure to maintain your table in excellent condition. Also, avoid wetting the table; this can ruin the coating of your table. 

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2. Enhanced durability

 Unlike other materials, solid wool lasts for years and is a worthy investment. They are strong and can withstand harsh climates with no need for pairs or replacement. Most of the solid wood tables feature oak, maple, teak, and hardwood. These are robust and versatile despite heavy use and can be used both in the interiors and exteriors. 

3. Easy customization

With solid wood tables, your options are endless. You can customize your table to match your style. This will enhance its look and improve its durability. For instance, staining your table will help you achieve the desired color mix. Also, this makes it easy to match your table with your existing decor and room color. The bottom line, stains are a great way to give your wood your preferred color without sacrificing its natural gain.

4. Versatility

 Solid wood dining tables will fit your aesthetic needs. If you wish to achieve that rustic look, you can do it with a cherry table. For a modern or natural feel, a walnut dining set will do wonders. Still, you can achieve a minimalist and many other styles with solid wood furniture, thanks to its versatility.

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5. Solid wood tables are cost-effective& superior.

 Of course, solid wood tables come at a cost- just like with other quality household items. But think of it this way, these pieces of furniture are highly durable and require minimal or no maintenance. With optimal care, solid wood dining sets will last for years and don’t bow despite continued use.

In summary, you’ll get solid wood tables in multiple designs and styles to suit your taste. These are quality pieces that afford you many gains and will save you a lot of money in the long run. These antique pieces are versatile and will transform the look of your living area and décor. If you have a big family, go for extendable dining sets and enjoy additional space in your dining area.

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