Utopia Residence In Coconut Grove, Miami

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Located in one of the oldest and most beautiful neighborhoods in Miami, Florida, USA, the Utopia Residence was constructed in 2008 and was sketched out by [STRANG] Architecture for an art lover. To be specific, the owner collects architectural photography, video installations and other modern art forms, which is why he needed a contemporary, minimalistic living environment that would serve as a perfect backdrop.

The house flaunts pure white walls, large windows and sliding doors that fade the limits between the indoors and outdoors. The home was featured in the Wall Street Journal in 2009, and it’s not hard at all to understand why once you gaze upon its spacious living room, intimate study room, modern bathrooms and comfortable sitting areas. The Utopia Residence is not extravagant, but it is definitely luxurious and impressive in its own way.

From the architect:

A serious home for a serious art collector, the Stein Residence is a light-filled gallery set amidst the lush landscape of Coconut Grove.

The calm and minimalistic spaces provide an appropriate atmosphere for the owner’s collection of architectural photography, video installations and other cutting edge art pieces.

The Wall Street Journal featured the home in 2009 to coincide with Miami’s Art Basel convention.

Photos by Claudia Uribe-Touri

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