Ways to Prolong the Life of Your Kitchen Appliances

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A kitchen appliance is a machine that helps in chores such as cleaning, cooking, and preservation of food. However, you should consider the space of your kitchen, the activities you intend, and the number that can fit in. Having proper maintenance and appliance repair for the broken ones can help to prolong their life. Here are ways to help you maintain appliances such as microwave, dishwasher, and fridge.

Clean Spills Immediately on Microwave

Microwaves are one of the appliances that help warm food and drinks from the kitchen. Depending on the brand and wattage of the microwave will determine how it works. This machine helps save one a lot of time warming any food. However, when the spills of food or drinks are not cleaned properly, they will absorb heat which can damage the interior of a microwave.

 Avoid Slamming the Door

Opening the door of any appliance seems easy. However, if you are the kind of person who slams the door, it’s going to be a problem. You should be gentle when closing the door. If your appliance doesn’t close properly, it may lead to the malfunction of the whole machine.

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Don’t Use Too Much Liquid When Cleaning Your Oven

To maintain the condition of your oven, you should avoid squirting fluid directly as it can cause it to short circuit. You can use a paper towel to wipe both the hood filters of the appliance.

Avoid Using Foil

When planning to line your oven, you should avoid foil. Using a foil can easily interfere with the heat and cause damage to the heating system.

Clean the Condenser Coils of Your Fridge

A good fridge will help preserve your food and drinks. After unplugging, you need to make sure you clean your condenser to remove any brokerage from the dust.

Use Correct Detergent

For a dishwasher machine to work well, you need to use the correct amount of detergent. This is vital to ensure that the detergent does not stain the spray arm. In case you don’t know the amount to use, you can always refer to the owner’s manual.

Ensure the Filters are Clean

 It is vital to keep your oven hood filter to ensure that you remove any remains that could be left. Ensure that your filters are well maintained, and the tone ones replaced.

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Ensure the Filters are Clean

Clean the Grease Filter

For a microwave, it is vital to consider cleaning the filter. This helps ensure that it runs smoothly. These filters, when left unattended, can cause a fire, which can be catastrophic.

Avoid Metals Inside the Microwave

When using a microwave, avoid using metals as they can cause holes in the interior wall. Metal has electrons that cause the sheet of the metal to burn, which can burn the microwave.

Ensure the Door Seals are Tight

 The best way to ensure you maintain the fridge and what you place inside is to keep the door tight to avoid debris from entering. We recommend that you clean the seals at least once a month. An easy way to ensure that your seals are tight is placing one dollar and confirming how difficult it is to get out. If it poses some difficulties when pulling, then the seals are tight.

Ensure the Temperature is Well Set

For your fridge to work at its best, its temperature must be set to its best. The freezer works well at 0 temperature, while the fridge works best at an average of 37-38n degrees. Also, when placing something ensure that your temperatures are right.

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Don’t Turn On an Empty Electric Kettle

Turning on an empty kettle will damage its heating capabilities. When you want to heat something with the kettle, put it first before turning it on. However, some kettles have cut off that turn them off when there is no water.


For good maintenance and increased lifespan, ensure you follow the instruction given by the manufacturer depending on the appliance you have. In case one of your kitchen appliances gets damaged, you can check us out at 5 Star Appliance Repair for the best repair deals. We are also available and affordable. 

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