7 Quick And Easy Ways To Decorate Your Interior In 2021

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Heather Jones
Heather Jones
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Are you short of funds and can not afford an interior designer? 

If yes, then do not bother to hire a designer. You can be the one who can design your interior, taking decisions by using your style and preferences.

Your interior decoration represents your lifestyle, whether you enjoy spending time at your home or not. Either you live in a big house or own a small home, it would be best to decorate interiors according to your personal style.

The only thing that matters is it should be pleasing to your heart and eyes the most. Here are some quick and easy cottage style decor ideas that you can use to decorate your interior:

1. Choose A Color Scheme

Choosing a color is a difficult decision when you decorate a room or interior. But, you can refer to the color palette for color selection.

Color is something personal that creates the tone of your home and inspires you. If you are looking for elegance, then choose bold and dramatic colors. These hues reflect glamour in your room. 

If you are looking for harmony, then choose natural shades like white and cream. Green and blue are environment-friendly colours that reflect liveliness in the house. If you use black color, it gives an expensive feeling.

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So basically, it depends on your personality which color to choose for the interior.

2. Dress Up Empty Walls

You may fill your home with furniture or other accessories, but the interior will look incomplete until you dress up walls.

You can decorate your walls with different types of wall art that add color and charm to your interior. Make sure whatever you hang compliments the color of walls. For example, if the wall color is cream, try to hang art pieces of dark colors.

 Decorate Interior

Following are the different types of wall art you can display on the bare walls:

Canvas art

 Canvas paintings use the cotton canvas mounted onto a rigid board.

Gallery wall

You can mix-match coordinating wall paintings to make an attractive gallery wall. It is a beautiful way to infuse color and pattern into a particular space.

Photo Collage

Pictures are one of the best artifacts you own. You can hang different framed photos of you and your family to give your interior a cozy look.

Mirror art

Mirrors are strategically the best option to make your small space look bigger. They can brighten and open up your room. They draw the eye and give a focal point to the room.

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Wall Tapestry and Hangings

 They use natural fibres and jute, and it gives a unique look to your room.

Wall Clock

It tells you the time and graces the wall with different patterns embedded on its frame.

3. Add Texture To Your Home

 Decorate Interior

The texture is equally important as color in any interior.  You can add texture in a room by hanging a wall art or by +using a wall paper. 

Other elements that can add texture to the room are plush velvet chairs, silk cushions, draperies, woven baskets, and more. 

They make the space pleasing to the eye and create a warm environment in a room. You can consider texture according to your lifestyle. 

For example, if you have pets and kids at your home, use a leather sofa with dark colors. If you crave luxury in your house, use silk draperies and pillows.

4. Add Style Statement with Big Furniture Pieces

 Decorate Interior

Many homeowners buy leggy chairs and tables and small knick-knacks that make their space cluttered. It is a common mistake that you can avoid by designing a well-mixed room.

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You can decorate your interiors with a large sofa, skirted club chairs, a stylish table and a big table. Design a room with mixed furniture sizes that gives your room a balanced look.

5. Create a Lived-In Look

If you have any hobby, then display them while designing your interiors. For example, if you like gardening, then display fresh florals. If your hobby is an antique collection, show them in your home instead of storing them.

If you like reading then decorate walls by displaying books on shelves. You can also get a fancy book hanging unit to display books on the wall.

6. Illuminate Interior with Lighting and Candles

 Decorate Interior

The lighting in the home makes your space look lively and happening. So make sure that there is enough natural light coming through windows in the day time. To make the home environment cosy in the evening, add fairy lights, lamps, and flameless candles.

You can add elegance to your home by hanging a chandelier. Also, ensure that you have other light sources, including floor lamps and table lamps in your home.

7. Show Your Love For Nature

If you love nature, then show your love through interior décor. You can add plants, be it hanging plants, faux plants, big indoor plants, or succulents. It is a natural, affordable and straightforward way to add aesthetics to your home.

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You can also add floral arrangements in natural items such as vases of shells or rocks. It can add the final touch to your interior, and your home will look eco friendly. You can buy various easy-care plants that are available in the market. 

If you don’t like pots or vases, then add a greenery wall. It will bring freshness to the room. It is also affordable, not expensive. A greenery wall with neon signs illuminates the space beautifully, and it is eye-catching. It is a simple but classy way of decoration.

Final Word

You can use the above tips to decorate your interiors beautifully. Whether you prefer minimalistic, bohemian, vintage, or rustic style, you can use these tips to add personal touches to your home décor and make it innovatively and uniquely yours

Nowadays, people are leaving traditional ideas for home décor behind. So, adopt something new and unique to enhance your home.

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