7 Tips on Choosing a Perfect Luxury Sofa for Your Home

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A luxury sofa can become the heart and soul of your living space. Acting as a focal point, it will create a mood that will dominate all other elements in the room. Before you go shopping for a modern sofa, make sure to learn how to choose one. Unless you are starting with an empty room, pick a sofa that will fit with other pieces of furniture and decor. A futuristic sofa will look out of place in a classic environment and vice versa. Here are seven tips that can help you make a purchase you won’t regret later.

Think about your needs first

A lot of people buy luxury sofas because they get charmed by their originality, colors, or expensive materials. However, you should always think about your lifestyle first and furniture style later. Are you living alone? Opt for a smaller sofa. Do you have a large family? A sectional couch can be a better option. Are you a pet owner? Don’t forget about wear and tear-resistant upholstery that can be cleaned easily.

Are you seeking comfort and pleasure above all else? Take a look at reclining models or other motion sofa sets. Before you go shopping, compile a list with these necessary features. While it might limit the scope of your search, you are more likely to hit bingo on the first try.

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Start with available space

How much space do you have in your room? How will you orient the sofa? Will you place it in the center or next to a wall? If it is a sectional set, where do you put the main and the corner pieces? If you know the answers to these questions before going to a store, you will save yourself a lot of time and headache. As a rule of thumb, you should start with the options that don’t fit your requirements and cross them off the list.

Measure your hallways

Looking for a large sofa? Make sure it fits, when you bring it home. While your living room might have enough space, you will have to pass through hallways, doorways, and stairwells to bring the sofa to its destination. Another option includes buying a piece of furniture in a disassembled state and then asking a carpenter to put it together in your living room. The size will also become a hurdle if you decide to sell the piece later on.


Choose the right upholstery

Even luxury sofas come with wear and tear-resistant upholstery options. If you have small kids or hyperactive pets, consider choosing the fabric or leather that can sustain higher stress. According to Sofa Club, you should always research tips about cleaning and upkeep before deciding on the upholstery type. Practicality beats aesthetics, especially if you are not looking to replace your luxury statement piece every year or so.

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Frame is everything

While the history of the sofa included some interesting inventions, the basic solid hardwood frame remains the best option for luxury sofas. Metal frames are more common in lower-end models, but sometimes you can find them in some expensive Art Deco furniture. Ask the seller about the quality of the metalwork and inspect it if necessary. You don’t want to turn your perfect lounging experience into a “squeaking nightmare.” Quality manufacturers usually provide a lengthy guarantee for their frames, starting at 15 years.

Test the armrest

Most buyers don’t pay much attention to the materials and styles of the armrests. But you should! Always test them before you buy a sofa. Make sure that they are firm and quality-made. They should provide you with the necessary comfort. Sometimes they can offer additional useful options like hidden compartments. Armrests come in different styles and sizes, make sure that they complement the design of the sofa and fit into your interior.

Height, weight, and comfort

Sofa owners come in different sizes and shapes. However, most sofas have about 24 inches of seat depth. it allows most people to stretch their legs while sitting or tuck them under, depending on their height. But some models provide different seat depths, so make sure to give them a good old bottom test before taking out your wallet. Be mindful of your posture and comfort level. Never sacrifice convenience for looks.

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Seat height usually varies between 17 and 20 inches. If you are buying a luxury sofa for the entire family, make everybody sit on it and make sure that it suits your spouse, kids, or other family members.

Your lounging habits determine your final buying decision. If you are a couple that’s looking for a loveseat to sit with your legs up, make sure that it can provide enough depth and legroom for both of you. Recliner models are a better choice for single people. A sofa should also be long enough if you like to lie down on it from time to time. A sofa with a higher back is usually more comfortable for taller owners.



A luxury sofa can be quite costly. If you don’t believe this, check the list of the most expensive sofas in the world. Before making this investment, consider your requirements and budget options. Don’t rush into buying. A good sofa matches your comfort needs and lifestyle perfectly. It’s a purchase that’s going to stay with you for at least five years. Make sure that it fits the style and decor of your room. Check the materials and craftsmanship before buying and look for a reasonable warranty for the frame and moving parts. Getting the best quality you can afford is a wise choice.

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