Amazing House P in Waldenburg, Germany


Flaunting stunning views of the surrounding environment due to its elevated position, the lavish House P can be found in Waldenburg, Germany, and it was designed by skilled architects from a firm named Philipp Architekten.

This masterpiece of modern architecture boasts a central cube surrounded by frameless windows that allow plenty of natural light within and enable the inhabitants to savor exquisite panoramas. This central cube boasts Elm Wood paneling and comprises a staircase as well as a fully equipped kitchen while serving as a key support point for the attic that can be found directly above.

The materials used in the construction process include oak and elm wood as well as light gray natural stone and white plaster. The living areas feature high-end amenities throughout as well as fabulous, modern furnishings, while the encircling outdoor gardens give off a sense of tranquility and peace. Would you like to live in a home such as this?

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