Buenos Mares House in Uruguay

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RDR Arquitectos signed the design for this residence in Jose Ignacio, Uruguay. Having grey stone and brick as central elements, this house blends into the seaside landscape. The exterior is rough and creates the sensation of a hermetic inside.

The architects designed this dwelling keeping in mind the fact that the property is perfectly placed on a highland near the seashore and has an extraordinary view. All the social areas of the house, like the living and dining room, are facing the water. In fact, the living opens to the terrace and infinity swimming pool enhancing the relaxation experience in this spectacular corner of the house.

Simple lines and scarce furniture pieces are the taglines for this certain interior design. Typically for homes near the seashore, the internal white walls and large windows keep the focus to the outside setting. In this case, even the bedrooms – that are placed on the upper floor for some extra privacy – have a beautiful view to the ocean.

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