What Color Should You Paint Your Bedroom Walls?

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The colors in our home are a direct reflection of our personality. Although we do not think very much about how colors influence our daily mood, they have a major impact on how we feel after spending a few hours in a room.

If some colors give us energy and help us recharge our batteries, others have the power to relax and disconnect us from daily stress. That’s why choosing the colors for your bedroom is so important.

We spend a third of our lives sleeping, so the design of this room must be in harmony with its purpose. A bedroom where you want to fall asleep fast and have a good night’s sleep needs to have different nuances from one you in which you want to revive the passion in your relationship.

Here’s what you need to know before you begin your remodeling project:

Which are the main aspects that you need to consider when choosing the color of your bedroom?

The color palette you choose when decorating your bedroom should make the most out of this room to give you maximum comfort.

The orientation of the room is important because on this factor depends how much natural light your bedroom receives.

For example, a north-facing room is sun-lit throughout the day, which is why you’ll have to compensate with a design to make the most of the light you have at your disposal.

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Also, another important but personal aspect is related to the atmosphere you want to create in your bedroom. If you want to create a relaxation space then you’ll probably choose relaxing colors. Instead, if you want to light up the passion in the bedroom and choose a romantic design, colors such as red, pink or orange with warm tones will create an intimate air.

How to choose the color of your bedroom according to your personality?

The correlation between personality and preferred color has been, for a long time, one of the scientists’ favorite subjects of study. Each color helps our brains to make certain associations, either with moods, feelings, memories, experiences or objects, reason why there is this connection between our favorite color and our personality.

·        Green – People who love green are affectionate, loyal, and sincere. They have a realistic picture of themselves without overestimating or underestimating, and consider good reputation an important asset.

·        Yellow – If you prefer yellow, it means that you like to learn and constantly improve yourself. It’s not hard for you to find happiness, because you are an optimistic person who always sees the full part of the glass.

·        Purple – Violet tones are often associated with royalty or mysticism. That’s why people who adore this color are artistic, non-conformist, who respect people, but who sometimes seem arrogant.

·        Blue – Those who prefer blue are harmonious, trustworthy, loyal, sensitive, and altruistic. They are organized and believe that stability is one of the most important things in life.

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·        Dark red – It expresses power, domination, and determination. It is the preferred color of those in leadership positions, who are ambitious and willing to consume all their energy reserves in order to achieve their goals.

·        Brown – The most loyal friends whom you can rely on in any situation and who will never let you down prefer brown. This color expresses stability, safety, and familiarity.

·        Red – This is the color of those who like to live their lives to the fullest, are tenacious and determined to succeed when they have something in mind.

·        White – If white is your favorite color, it means that you are an organized person, rational, and that you like to be orderly in all aspects of your life.

·        Pink – this color is associated with romance and affection. People who like pink are delicate, feminine, and romantic, have a dose of innocence, and they love to always see the beautiful side of life, though some would say about them that they’re not always with their feet on the ground.

·        Orange – Adventurous people, always looking for a new experience often prefer orange. It is an energic, positive, and vibrant color, and it is not by chance that this mood is transmitted to those who surround themselves with this color.

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·        Black – People who prefer black are artistic and sensitive. Although they are not introverted, they are attentive to the private details of their lives and do not trust people very easily

·        Grey – A neutral and cold color, grey is specific to caring and cautious people who do not like to take a lot of risks.

How do you choose the color of your bedroom according to the style?

The style in which you arrange your bedroom determines the color that you choose for your walls, but also for your furniture.

The colors of a romantic bedroom

A romantic bedroom can be arranged in delicate, pastel colors that blend well and enhance the natural light of the room.

The pink and lavender shades are most used in arranging a bedroom with a romantic air. You can choose white vintage furniture and a pink or violet shade for painting, as well as curtains or transparent veil curtains. The colors will complement harmoniously, and the atmosphere will be perfect for a couple of a sensitive and nostalgic person.

The colors of an elegant bedroom

Those who want a stylishly designed bedroom have a variety of colors and nuances at hand. The most popular are the beige and brown bedrooms because they feature a lush air. You can try a bedroom furnished with black furniture and accents of blue or royal purple. Also, an opulent chandelier will attract the attention when you enter the room and will fulfill the role of a special decoration.

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The colors of a classic bedroom

A classic bedroom is not difficult to arrange and is suitable for traditionalists who appreciate, first and foremost, the quality of furniture. The neutral colors are beige, grey, brown, and white. For a spectacular effect, you can choose a carpet in the same hue with the furniture and an upholstered bed that complements the appearance of your classic bedroom.

The colors of a cheerful bedroom

Those who want a bedroom that emits energy and good mood can choose a wide range of colors to give a cheerful look to the room without making it seem crowded. That’s why, to get this effect, just choose a neutral color for painting or furniture and decorate with a few accent colors.

You can choose yellow, orange, pink, fuchsia or blue or you can opt for a modern wallpaper that will give life to your bedroom.

I’m hoping that next time, when you’ll want to repaint your bedroom, you will find the right inspiration here.

Or maybe you were just about to make some changes. In this case, I am sure that you will successfully manage to fulfill them.

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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