Contemporary A.B. House by Andreescu and Gaivoronschi

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Jane Mullock
Jane Mullock
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A.B. House is a beautiful contemporary residence designed by Romanian architectural studio Andreescu and Gaivoronschi. With 3,229 square feet of space and lovely outdoor living and entertaining areas, the project was completed this year in a residential area of Timisoara, Romania.

Inspired by the Italian and Greek multi-generational homes, the building boasts a “house on a house” configuration. The ground level is the more solid looking part of the project, where stone plays an important role, is the “old house” dedicated to the parents. Above this volume there is the “young house”, which is mostly made of wood.

The material choice was not random. Stone is usually seen as a symbol of stability in spite of time passing by, while wood represents youth and freshness.  This intentional juxtaposition also helps delimitate the more private areas from the public ones.

Photos by Ovidiu Micsa

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