Contemporary Bark House In Hamilton, New Zealand

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Anne Francis
Anne Francis
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Even though its name might suggest otherwise, the Bark House in Hamilton, New Zealand was actually built using modern, high-end materials such as steel, concrete and glass. Sketched out by experts from Herbst Architects, the residence was built in a superb location that is encircled by beautiful saplings.

Benefiting from exceptional views of its surroundings, the home flaunts a special clerestory window at its main living pavilion, which ensures uninterrupted panoramas of the nearby young forest and its tree trunks.

Aside from its exceptional positioning and impressive exterior design, the Bark House also impresses with comfortable interior arrangements, high quality furnishings, splendid d├ęcor elements and a plethora of high-end amenities that support a carefree and relaxed lifestyle for those who reside within. Main highlights include fireplaces, flat-screen TVs, large sofas, a fully equipped kitchen, superb lighting arrangements and a large dining table. See it all for yourself in the following images!

Photos by Becky Nunes

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