Contemporary Home in Athens by Thanos Athanasopoulos

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Anne Francis
Anne Francis
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Located in Ekali, Athens, Greece, this contemporary home was completed in 2010 by architect Thanos Athanasopoulos. It is a single-family residence surrounded by pine trees and featuring large glass doors/windows that ensure a perfect communication with the outdoors.

A very unconventional aspect of the house is the modern use of classic materials. Even thought the architects used stone, marble, white plaster and tile – the same materials as used for traditional Greek homes – the end result is far from traditional.

For instance, the roof-tile cladding descends on the north wall and works as a rain screen that also enhances the eco-character of the building. Visually, it works as a “seamless protective blanket”. See more in the gallery below.

Photos by H. Louizidis

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