Contemporary White O Residence in Marbella

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Jane Mullock
Jane Mullock
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The White O Residence in Marbella, Chile was completed in 2009 by Japanese studio Toyo Ito. It is a single-story contemporary home built on a gentle slope and offering amazing views to the north-east. The house was designed to continue the natural slope of the site as a spiral, thus partially enclosing a lovely central garden.

For a free indoor-outdoor lifestyle, the architects chose to create the living and dining spaces in close connection to the inner garden. From here, the access to the private areas of the house is easy and seamless. A gentle ramp goes around the garden and leads to the intimate and completely private bedroom area that safely floats above the ground.

What we love the most about this remarkable 4,300-square-foot residence is that it offers “a fluid progression of interior and exterior spaces with gradually changing characters and orientations”.

Photos by: Nicolas Saieh

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