Exquisite Landscaping Project In Bsalim, Lebanon

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Far removed from the chaos and stressful lifestyles of the big city, this extraordinary landscaping project was designed by Francis Landscapes, and it can be found in Bsalim, Lebanon. Dubbed “This Is Not A Framed Garden”, the project benefits from picture-perfect views of the Mediterranean Sea and of the city of Beirut.

The gardens include an infinity pool as well as a series of patios and a plethora of plant species that can be admired up close by those who are inspired enough to go for a walk on the grounds. Due to its convenient location on a hilly site decorated with pine trees and other forms of natural vegetation, the gardens give off a sense of utmost natural beauty and tranquility. The gardens are divided into a Japanese garden, a contemporary garden, a rock garden and a bamboo garden, each welcoming and spectacular in its own way.

“This Is Not A Framed Garden” was created as a place for relaxation, introspection and contemplation, and it undoubtedly deserves a personal visit.

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