Massive Satsang Estate In Yorba Linda, California


Widely famous for being one of the most spectacular and luxurious estates in Yorba Linda, California, Satsang is a $20 million masterpiece that has the potential to take your breath away. Built in 2001 on an elevated location, this sumptuous residence features exquisite 270-degree views of the city and of Catalina Island, but what makes it really stand out among its peers is its sheer spaciousness and lavishness.

Featuring 19,346 square feet of living space, this home is able to accommodate its owners and their guests in utmost comfort, all thanks to the 9 stunning bedrooms, 10 full bathrooms and 2 half ones. The residence was built using sturdy and high quality materials such as steel and glass panels, which is why it boasts a remarkable, contemporary exterior design. Other highlights include an indoor swimming pool and a fitness area as well as a ballroom and a theater with enough seating for 12. Outside, the grounds include a tennis court and a basketball court, numerous gardens, a gazebo, terraces and a water fountain.

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