Exquisite Scout House In Buenos Aires, Argentina

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The Scout House was designed by a firm called BAAG, and it is located in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The residence was built for a group of Scouts and features a spacious, airy and well-organized design that supports the residents’ lifestyle and allows them to conduct their daily routines with ease and enjoyment.

With a total of 3,875 square feet of living space, the Scout House is organized neatly around a central area that ensures access to the main rooms. The scouts that reside within are organized and housed according to age, and they conduct their activities in multiple slabs. The connection between the ground floor and the back yard is achieved via a series of folding windows and doors that ensure easy access throughout while flooding the rooms with natural light. The skylight placed over the central area also gives off an atmosphere of warmth and wellness.

Speaking of windows, it’s also worth noting that each and every room features outward windows that ensure great cross-ventilation during the summer months. During the cold season, a series of radiators produce much needed heat and ensure thermal comfort.

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Another important part of the Scout House is the green screen that covers its front, rear and roof sections. The screen was created using climbing plants such as Lucerne, hardy fuchsias and St John’s worts, all of which are tended by the Scouts on a regular basis.

Photos by Federico Kulekdjian

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