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Fatima House is a brand new residence that was penned down by the skilled architects at Jorge Hernandez de la Garza. Located within a highly appreciated neighborhood in Mexico City, Del Valle neighborhood, the Fatima House provides effortless access to natural green areas and parks, but its location also guarantees quiet and peace.

The residence was designed for a fortunate young couple and features 2 floors. The ground area was penned down to incorporate a living room, a bar, a wine cellar, a family room, a kitchen and a dining room, while the first floor houses a studio and the cozy bedrooms. As you can probably imagine, most of the socializing and day-to-day activities would be enjoyed by the owners and their guests on the ground floor, which means that work, relaxation and sleep would take place at the first level. The service area was placed on the final floor in order to separate it from the aforementioned living arrangements.

As far as the exterior of the Fatima House is concerned, we can tell you that its fa├žade includes a natural terracotta-based material called NBK ceramic, which ensures optimum thermal isolation as well as reliability. If you would like to admire the Fatima House yourself, you can do so by browsing through the image gallery below.

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From the Jorge Hernandez de la Garza:

The Site

The site is located in Del Valle, one of the most traditional neighborhoods in Mexico City. Actually it is benefited by its central location and its urban planning system, counting with wide and tree lined streets for both, vehicular and pedestrian street, as for its numerous parks and yards, making it an area with plenty of green areas, easy access to important avenues and with quiet interior streets that make Del Valle neighborhood one of the most comfortable places in the city.

The Program

The architectonic program for a young couple which will live in the house consists in a main level where the social areas are located, with a pleasant living room with a chimney, dining room, bar, wine cellar, kitchen and family room. In the first floor the bedrooms and a studio are located. At last, there is a second floor with the service area.

The Project

The project was started by studying the site conditions and designing a rational square floor plan in which every space was used the best way possible. Nevertheless we found out that this method was creating some visual conflicts from de interior to the exterior, so we decided to extend a part of the house to the back of the lot, achieving with this a better orientation of all the spaces within a highly organized grid.

The Facade

The ventilated facade was covered by a NBK ceramic cover, which is a natural material of terracotta that provides warmth and durability to the project. This house is the first single family housing project in Mexico covered with this material. This puts the house on a global level in which technology and its constructive methods are an important part of the design process.

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