Fantastic Villa A Designed by A-OMA


Villa A is a project developed by A-OMA Architects. It is located in Catania, Italy and is the result of the re-use and reconstruction of an existing house and a new extension close to it.

There is an obvious contrast between the two buildings: the existing building is closed and massive, while the new one is transparent and luminous and if the former one keeps its original pitched-roof geometry and materials, the other one features a minimal geometry and contemporary materials.

Because the roof of many rooms belonging to the old structure has collapsed, the architects decided to use them as an internal patio in order to provide light and air to the entire house.

The existing home features a single level, while the new extension consists of three stories above ground and one below.

The major problem in the south of Italy is to protect the building from the heat, so, the old complex benefits from thick walls while the facades of the villa are protected by glasses with adequate solar and exterior curtains, the pensile garden on the roof playing also a major cooling role.

The pool on this property inherits the grey color of the sea beds of the region and for this particular reason it has been awarded the Italian Pool Award 2014.

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