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Anne Francis
Anne Francis
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MARC Architects’ latest project was entitled Villa S2 and is placed on IJburg island in Amsterdam.

The residence has an austere exterior because of its cubical look. The entire design is based on simple and straight lines that create cubical spaces. However, the austere look is softened by the use of different materials that are mixed and incorporated in this house concept – wood, glass and concrete. At night, the light of the house actually lightens up the exterior too because of the glass walls.

The first level of this mansion is designed for social activities like dining, living and cooking. Upstairs are positioned the children’s and parents bedroom, bathrooms and a balcony. Conceptually, this house is made of open cubical spaces that flow from one into another – at least on the first level, to say so, because of the living room that opens through a large glass wall to the exterior garden.

The interior design is simple and comfortable. It actually gives familiarity to the entire atmosphere by the use of colorful accessories – pillows, paintings, warm light. It is impressive how light well dosed and cleverly used for this ambiance just softens the austere look of the house.

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Photos by Drent Fotografen Groep

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