Fully Equipped 25 Acre Thornbury Estate in Ontario, Canada

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The 25 Acre Thornbury estate is a $7,500,000 property located in one of Canada’s top destinations, only 130 km away from Toronto, Ontario.

This beautiful 26 acre estate offers one the possibility of enjoying an active life consisting in different entertaining activities, such as golf, horseback riding, skiing, sailing, boating and swimming in the Georgian Bay.

You’ll find here what you mostly miss, and that is tranquility, comfort and an elegant living space, with not a neighbor in sight and with beautiful vistas over The Niagara Escarpment and Georgian Bay.

The Coach house includes an entertainment area, a private master suite and quality throughout, offering independent living perfect for caregiver or in-laws.

The entertainment complex is a 3,300 square foot barn-style design that charms everyone who takes even just a peek at it.

This incredible 6,100 sq. ft. residence is now on sale!

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