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The KS House located in Upper Austria, Austria, was designed by Two in a Box – Architects who put in a lot of work and devotion. In order to capture as much sunlight during the day, all the rooms had to be in perfect alignment.

This villa consists in three levels connected to each other and set on the basement garage. The west facing living floor opens up onto the garden and the summer kitchen, while on the north side was made room for a large pool right in front of the living and dining area. The front-fixed pool glazing provides one the feeling of floating above the city because of the impression of disappearance of the horizon.

The main material used for building the villa was light limestone, according to the owner’s demands. In contrast, it was achieved an area of stone cladding by accessorizing some of the limestone panels with a strong fluted appearance.

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The interior and the exterior space seem to merge due to the large-sized stone panels that flow inside and out.

Moving forward to the interior design, this one was emphasized by dark oak, natural stone, glass and leather. The elevator shaft is considered to be the vertical “backbone” of the building, with a glazed interior and back-illumination. Not to mention about the glass front on every floor that offers panoramic views over the city.

Photos by Mag. Dietmar Tollerian

Airy KS House by Two in a Box – Architects

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