Futuristic House with Medieval Touches by Simone Micheli


Simone Micheli designed the House with View of the Future, which is located in Florence, Italy. This house is a mix between the rustic antique quality and the futuristic modernity.

The house provides the necessary space for everyday life, is hospitable and allows the owners to invite friends over. It’s a metropolitan refuge where the contemporary meets the ancient through colors, surfaces enhancement and lighting design.

The home consists of three levels. The main round level is directly linked with a bathroom and with the guest room, both being characterized by white doors with silver chrome handle.

Some parts of the house reveal the touches of techniques of medieval architecture, reflected through the exposed ancient brick wall.

The second floor, which accommodates a small video room, a fitness area, bookshelves and two deep storage areas, is illuminated by a large automated opening skylight.

The third floor hosts the terrace, which was designed as an outdoor living room with a barbeque area, a kitchen with gas stove and a single tank sink.

This modern house was created to serve for an intense family life without excess.

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