Gross-Flasz Residence On Harbor Island, Florida

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Jane Mullock
Jane Mullock
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Offering a generous living surface of 8,072 square feet, the Gross-Flasz Residence was built on Harbor Island in Florida and was sketched out by a team of architects from One d+b Miami. The architect in charge was Hugo Mijares, and he did a remarkable job in making sure that this single-story abode would become nothing short of extraordinary.

The residence boasts a minimalistic design that involves open spaces, large windows and crisp white walls that contribute to a tranquil atmosphere. The architects who designed the Gross-Flasz house had to make sure that it would feature a passive solar response to the local site restrictions while respecting a fixed budget.

The house was put together using cubic volumes that include the main social, recreational and private areas. The entertainment area is the largest and can be found at the core of the home, while the master suite and the family rooms are found in its vicinity. The bedrooms were placed at the rear in order to ensure their privacy.


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