Healthy Living and Healthy Homes Provide us with Unlimited Bliss


Hygienic and healthy living at home has miraculous results on human life. Especially in these times, pollution is skyrocketing and breathing air has become adulterated. Studies say the air inside our houses can get 5% more contaminated than outside air due to the use of chemicals, burning candles, air fresheners, floor cleaners and so on.

These small tips will help you practice healthy living for the benefit of your family and environment.

Maximising Healthy Living

Try to understand the airflow and orient your windows according to the location of your apartment.

Healthy Living

Sunrays are the best intoxicants for a house. Try increasing the number of openings as much as possible.

Healthy Living

Use lots of lush green plants in your interior for clean and fresh air.

Healthy Living

Incorporate huge windows to get daylight inside your home. These will increase the aesthetic appeal of your house too!

Open the doors and windows 3-4 times a day to allow fresh air inside. In hotter places, it is advised to have even more openings for air circulation.

Always keep your house spick and span. Clean the floors regularly to get rid of dust or debris.

Healthy Living

Provide cross windows in your architectural design for cross-ventilation of air.

Healthy Living

Skylights are the best way to maximise daylight into your apartment.

Bathrooms provide the best environment for infections to breed. Always keep the toilet clean and use extractor fans to get fresh air.

Healthy Living

Giving the correct window treatment is very necessary if you are trying to optimise their use. Provide the right glazing to the glass to avoid excess sunlight and install nets if you get a lot of insects.

Healthy Living

Sanitize the main areas of your house regularly like doorknobs, keys, coffee tables etc.

Building up these small habits can help you in having a long and healthy life. However, in this COVID pandemic, the precautions have to be taken care of and considered with utmost sincerity,

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