The Lujan House, Ocean View, Delaware

The Lujan House, Ocean View, Delaware

Designed by Robert M. Gurney, the Lujan House is situated in Ocean View, Delaware. The residence creates a balance between the vast pristine Chesapeake Bay landscape and the more intimate garden environment, which is connected to the surrounding area through expansive or smaller openings.

From the outside the house seems an assemblage of variously shaped boxes, with the interior visible from the outside. This modern and simple architecture, integrates perfectly into the surrounding area. The numerous large windows allow the natural light to flow into the home.

The vast interior features spacious rooms, comfortable furnishings, a beautiful massive fireplace in the main living area and sleek flooring. It is a simple and intimate house, that includes a bedroom, a bathroom, a lavish living and a kitchen. This is the perfect place to relax and reconnect with nature.

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