Hog Pen Creek Residence In Austin, Texas

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Located on a scenic site between Hog Pen Creek and Lake Austin, the Hog Pen Creek Residence was built for a couple that wanted to use it as a training area for Ironman triathlons. The building’s layout follows the shape of the letter L and includes a series of covered porches and walkways that are linked to the home’s living areas.

The primary living space is in close proximity to the water and boasts two stories. It also comprises a master bedroom loft and is flanked by porches on two sides. It is cooled naturally by the lake’s breezes and benefits from shading from nearby oak trees. One of the master bedroom’s walls is actually a movable barn-like door that can be used to achieve extra privacy from the living room should the need arise. Depending on the needs of the residents, the Hog Pen Creek Residence can be used for both socialization and private relaxation purposes thanks to its incredible versatility. The home was designed by Lake Flato Architects and is located in Austin, Texas.

From the architect:

The Hog Pen Creek Residence is situated on the shady, tree-covered confluence of Hog Pen Creek and Lake Austin. Embracing its informal, rural roots, the owners envisioned a place that engaged with the outdoors while providing accommodating spaces for their off-season training for ironman triathlons.

Much of the building’s design was determined by three mature oak trees, informing the building’s orientation and L-shaped footprint. The owners liked the idea of accessing much of the house from outdoor covered porches and walkways. The desire to have the main living area closely connected with the water, while respecting the flood plain and oaks, suggested the design’s stair-stepping boardwalk spine.

The main living area, a two-story single width volume with a master bedroom loft and porches on either end, takes advantage of the cool prevailing breezes and shade from the adjacent oak trees. A movable, barn-like door serves as a bedroom wall, providing privacy when needed from the living room below. These flexible spaces allow the house to be both intimate and social, effortlessly accommodating guests or individuals alike.

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