House Made of Stone in Vietnam Residential Area

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Anne Francis
Anne Francis
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Imagine the typical quiet residential area. Now imagine a building made of stones with a shocking green roof made of plants. This is the image of a house that the Vo Trong Nghia Architects had in mind and the idea came to life last year in a residential area in Hanoi.

In the residential area of Dong Trieu, Quang Ninh Province in Vietnam you will find a house that is sure to shock you. Totally different from the ordinary houses one can find in residential areas, this one is made of dark-blue stones and is covered (yes, on the roof too) with growing, living plants.

The accent for this building was the connection between humans living inside and nature. Therefore, the center of the house is a sequential garden that continues to the roof on each level. The rooms are displayed around the oval courtyard and the walls between the hallway and the garden are made of glass.

If at first you thought of a cave, you weren’t exactly far from the truth. The walls made of cubic stones do tend to resemble a cave. Cubic stones with a thickness of 10 cm were used to create a smooth curvature wall.

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The blue-grey colors of the stone might not appear to be very relaxing, but the garden and the play of lights and shadows make the entire building more alive. The family with two young children living inside actually feels the house creates a deeper connection between them. Maybe the plants make the roots between the family members grow deeper.



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