How to Make Your House More Zen

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Anne Francis
Anne Francis
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Those who love the Asian cultures can try to decorate their house in the Oriental spirit in order to bring inside a piece from that magical world. The Asian decorating style is inspired by the Japanese culture, Chinese, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese and other countries on the Eastern continent.

In order to successfully arrange a Zen style home you need just a few elements because it’s one of the simplest decorative themes.

With pure and straight lines, with natural colors and low furniture, the Zen style arrangement eliminates every useless thing to let the light enter the house and to permit the energies to circulate. It’s a harmonious, poetic, open and calm décor.

The walls in your home will definitely need to be painted in light colors. You can mix paneled wood with open beams and you will hang on your walls just one or two paintings.

The most used accessories in the Asian style design are the tatami carpets, the tansu cabinetries, the shoji partitions and the paper lanterns.

The Chinese inspired interiors are dyed in bold colors and adorned furniture. The furniture pieces are genuine wood sculptures with painted details and lacquered surfaces. The accessories are also represented by animals and mythological creatures like monkeys or dragons.

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The porcelain vessels are a very important part of the Chinese style and are painted with complex models, in various colors or in the traditional blue. They use partitions and wall paintings, which depict historical characters and legendary scenes.

Red is the main color in the Asian design and maybe it’s because in the Chinese culture it means luck. For a pronounced accent they also use yellow and green. The paper lanterns are created in strong colors, while the wood nuances are dark and rich.

The Japanese interior design is characterized as being calm, Zen, because of the use of natural materials and warm colors. These natural elements include indoor water fountains and tatami carpets. The bamboo, the stone and other materials represent the base for a color palette including brown, gray and green. The delicate floral patterns and the colors are incorporated on the decorative vessels and elaborated textiles.

The furniture and the accessories have simple and low lines. The simplicity of the Japanese style is attractive for the fans of the modern and minimalist style. The futon mattresses are used around the bed and the low tables and the floor pillows are used for the living room. The simple and elegant floral arrangements like orchids or bonsais must not be missing from your house.

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In conclusion, regarding the decoration of your rooms, there are not strict rules that must be followed, because, mainly, you have to keep your house clean, simple and airy, in colors inspired by the nature.

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