Impressive Tetris House by rzlbd


For many of us, during the 90s, a game called Tetris used to be out favorite past time. It’s true that the game is definitely not what it used to be in terms of popularity, but it seems that some architects are actually drawing inspiration from Tetris when they are designing their elaborate projects, and that’s exactly what a company named “rzlbd” did with the Tetris house in Toronto, Canada.

Built in 2013, this compact yet spacious home offers 3,000 square feet of living space for its inhabitants, and it includes a generous list of amenities and comforts that are absolutely necessary in order to ensure a lavish and carefree lifestyle. Accommodations and conveniences include 6 bathrooms, 5 bedrooms, 2 laundry rooms, a home office, a dining area, a nanny room, a bar with a wine cellar and entertainment space, a large kitchen and plenty of storage facilities.

Even though the house includes multiple rooms that are placed in close proximity to each other, all living spaces are very well illuminated. As a matter of fact, all interior spaces are so perfectly designed that not a single inch of space is left unused, which is why this spectacular home represents a wonderful example of ingenious architecture and perhaps even a very well-played Tetris game.

Photos by borXu Design

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