Interesting Yandex Saint Petersburg 3 by zabor architects in Russia

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Jane Mullock
Jane Mullock
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The Yandex Saint Petersburg 3 is a project that complements the existing office of the company in Benois Business Centre. It is located in Saint Petersburg, Russia and it was completed in 2013 by the zabor architects.

In fact, this place is a complex architectural geometry outlined by the use of the bright and vivid colors. This office has the form of a corridor-office system where you can see cabinets and small open spaces for employees such as recreation areas like a yoga room, medical and massage cabinets and coffee points.

To its construction, there were used last generation synthetic materials at the highest ecology and fire safety standards.

Everything has been made to order here, even the multicolored lamps that can be spotted under the ceiling in the corridor.

Photos by Stas Medvedev

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