Interesting Ways to Make Your Home Appear More Expensive

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Luke Martin
Luke Martin
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We’ve all done it. Scrolled through the many interior design pages of pinterest, or flicked through the pages of a decorating magazine, and thought ‘I wish my house looked like that’. Vast majority of the time, we are limited by budget when it comes to making our homes look fancy and expensive, but it doesn’t have to be this way. There are some interesting tips and tricks to make your home appear more expensive.

Look at What You Already Have

Pinpoint the pre existing appealing features in your home and make an effort to highlight them. For example, architectural details such as ceiling beams and hardwood floors. Make these features as prominent as possible by keeping them free of clutter, well cleaned, and ensuring that they are the focal point of the room. There’s no point in highlighting these features only to then upstage them with something else.

Add a Pop of Colour

Adding something as simple and inexpensive as a pop of colour to your walls can make the world of difference in making it look more luxurious and expensive. Whether you’re looking to tone down the room, or brighten it up with a colourful feature wall, the addition of fresh paint or wallpaper can entirely revitalise a room. Not only does it look better, but will be massively helpful in selling your home if this is what you’re looking to do. If you’re selling, for example to UK cash house buyers, the more expensive your home looks, the higher chance you have of selling it for a better value.

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Get Some Soft, Fluffy Bath Towels


It might sound strange, but what’s more appealing than a soft fluffy towel after a bath? Think of the towels you get if you ever visit the spa, and how much more luxurious they feel than your average bath towel. Old, worn towels will make your bathroom look cheaper, so trade them out for some fresh and clean ones.

Add Some Molding

If you feel your walls are a bit bare except from perhaps artwork and photographs, add some molding to the ceiling or corners. It doesn’t have to have an old, Victorian feel to it either. A simple pattern or motif will do the trick.

Accent Your Rooms with Accessories

If you’re struggling for inspiration, Pinterest and interior design magazines are great ways of getting your creative juices flowing. However, most magazine items are expected to be expensive, so it’s worth shopping around for a cheaper copy if you can.

Create Some DIY Built in Structures

The easiest way to achieve this effect is extending them from the floor all the way to the ceiling, and bookcases are a great place to start. Book shelves that span an entire wall undoubtedly look a lot more expensive than those that stand alone – it’s almost like having a small library in your home, and if you’re into DIY, it’s a good way to save money. You might have to put aside a weekend or two for this project, but ultimately it’s worth it in the end.

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Update Your Old Fixtures

Updating old and outdated fixtures is a cheap and easy way to make your home appear more expensive. Drawer pulls, light switches, and door handles are small and are easy and inexpensive to replace. Small details like this give your overall home a high end feel.

Add a Mirror, or Two

Mirrors add light and space into a room, and will therefore give the illusion of a larger space, as much as it looking twice it’s actual size. Quite often, we will correlate the size of houses and their rooms to how expensive they are. In making your room appear larger, you’ll automatically make it look more expensive.

Add a Statement Rug

Living room area with Persian rug

It’s quite unbelievable how much a statement rug can really transform the space it’s located in. It’s recommended that you have at least one piece of furniture on, or partially on the rug itself, however not so much that it’s covered. You’ll want to make sure your statement rug can be seen by all!

Splurge on a Luxury Item

Last but not least, if you have the means to do so, allow yourself to splurge out on one luxury item for the room you’re decorating, however make sure it’s something you’ll definitely use. Identify which items you see and use the most, and make your decision from that. Dining room tables, light fixtures, sofas and armchairs all have the potential to give a room a real luxury feel – we all have to treat ourselves from time to time!

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