Bel-Air Mega Mansion, 25,000 Square Ft

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A stunning, beautiful and luxurious Bel-Air Mega Mansion is located on Sarbonne Road, in the elite Bel-Air neighborhood of Los Angeles. It is a Californian mansion that measures in at 24922 square feet. This luxurious mega mansion includes nine impressive bedrooms and fifteen bathrooms.

What makes the Bel-Air Mega Mansion unique is its private movie theater, a spa with a sauna, a steam room, a massage room, an art studio or gallery, a games room, and a rooftop deck. Moreover, it includes a beautiful as well as an ingenious glass-sided car elevator that has been designed to stack multiple cars on platforms. This literally creates a private motor show. At night, the glowing exterior lights and a blazing open flame fireplace exudes the atmosphere of a party!

Its stunning modern exterior also includes a two-story covered deck from which the homeowner can enjoy the amazing views of Los Angeles. This deck has been specially designed to look like a picture frame. Coming to the rooftop deck, there is greenery everywhere as it includes small trees and shrubs around sun loungers and seating areas. This deck also includes a covered area that can provide shade from the midday sun. Moreover, there is a generously sized private swimming pool and some stepping stones that cross the still surface of the swimming pool.

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Moving inside this dream luxury home, the interior is just superb. It conjures ambiance as well as excitement with its natural hues and textures. There are coffee tables, stone colored sofas and tan chairs that add to the beauty of this mansion. The design of a luxury dining room means that every day can feel like a special occasion. This luxury dining room contains sixteen chairs that line the edge of an elongated table. Moreover, there is a projection behind the eating area that brings a flock of birds to life. This projection serves as a focal point in the room.

In this beautiful Bel-Air Mega Mansion, there is a two-story home library that is accessed through a spiral staircase. There is also a levitation effect on the study desk. In addition to that, there are some comfortable sofas by the windows for utilizing the natural light. It also includes the artistic wooden stairs that have a very curvaceous staircase design. This amazing mansion has a beautiful bedroom suite. This suite is, in fact, bigger than most people’s entire houses as it has its own sitting room, bathroom facilities as well as a sprawling balcony.

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It is not the bedroom of this mansion that is unique but its bathroom is quite luxurious and elegant as there are two chaise lounges that are placed at the center of the bathroom in a conversational arrangement. Moreover, there is a huge bathtub that sits in the window where you can enjoy the gorgeous views while soaking under the bubbles. There are wooden cabinets and panels that create an aesthetic look in the luxury kitchen. To add to the greenery, there is a twisting form of mature trees that highlight the mansion’s beauty by night.

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