Island Villa in Indonesia Designed by David Lombardi

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Jane Mullock
Jane Mullock
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Villa Sapi is set in Lombok Island, Indonesia, and is one of the projects of Canadian architect David Lombardi.

This rental villa was created out of singular pieces and spaces that connect. Bedrooms, living and dining room, social areas and bathrooms… all are thought separately. This has allowed the designer to have a unique approach of different spaces and then create the connection. For example, the kitchen has a roof made of grass (the traditional type of covering for islands) and the walls are created out of bamboo sticks, but there are also glass walls and a home theater.

As suited for an island house, Villa Sapi has only one level. The coconut grove garden states the concept of the house with clear letters: “Stop making sense”. All the rooms of the house are open-sided using glass walls. This is the main benefit of this house, because the ones inside can constantly admire the view of the sea, the other islands, the mountains or the sky. During nighttime the moon creates the perfect atmosphere by reflecting upon the water.

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David Lombardi wanted a space that would put functionality over form and he managed to create it through Villa Sapi.

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