Las Delicias House In Cordoba, Argentina

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Jane Mullock
Jane Mullock
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Designed by FWAP Arquitectos and built in Cordoba, Argentina, the Las Delicias House is a fine example of modern architecture and sublime design that flaunts 5,920 square feet of living space. The project architects for this wonderful house were Federico Weskamp, Federico Arguello Pitt, Gustavo Ostoich and Javier Zanotti, and they all did a fantastic job in making sure that the result would be up to par with modern standards of comfort and luxury.

The façade was put together using durable materials such as glass, concrete and metal, but wooden elements were also implemented for a touch of naturalness and elegance. Inside, the abode includes 2 levels that are linked by a glass prism. The upper level houses the private areas such as the bedrooms, while the ground level incorporates the social areas such as the living room and kitchen. The second floor is reachable via a staircase that boasts wooden steps and glass railings. Outside, a terrace and a decent-sized swimming pool stand ready to offer great relaxation and socialization opportunities for the residents and their guests.

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Photos by Gonzalo Viramonte

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