London’s De Beauvoir Road House Is A Masterpiece

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Jane Mullock
Jane Mullock
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Sketched out by the experts at Scott Architects, the Victorian De Beauvoir Road House can be found in London. The current form of the residence is the result of a remarkable renovation project that added a sense of utmost modernism and comfort to an already spacious and conveniently placed abode.

The home is now naturally illuminated for the most part and boasts fantastic panoramas of its encircling gardens. Modern amenities such as heated floors and low-energy lighting systems were installed in order to dramatically enhance the quality of life of the residents, but many of the home’s original design elements were preserved in order to maintain its heritage. These elements include restored Baltic pine floorboards, exposed brickwork walls and limestone floors.

Beautifully decorated, the residence gives off a sense of wellness and tranquility, and we imagine that it must be real delight to inhabit.

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