Marble and Travertine for Precious Interior Designs


For an interior design to look impeccable, elegant and in the same time refined, it is necessary to use high quality finishes. Regarding the floor, the most indicated material to be used is the marble due to its increased resistance and beautiful appearance.

Marble is a rock produced through the metamorphosis of limestone. It can be white, gray, black and red. The shades of the marble are conferred by the impurities it contains. For example, the red colored marble is due to the iron salts, the brown one takes its color from the manganese and the gray marble from the graphite. No matter what type of marble you choose, it must be in tune with the arrangement of the house in order to achieve a uniform look.

The marble flooring has been used for hundreds of years, but in recent years it has become more refined, being gilded or silvered. Painted or inlaid, the marble will fit perfectly in an exclusive interior. Even if it’s a cold floor, the marble is suitable for any kind of planning, modern or classical. For a dramatic effect, it can be used in combination with hardwood flooring.

It was a time when the marble was used for stairs and hallways, but the designers recommend it for the living rooms, bathrooms and kitchens as well. As for the kitchens, experts warn about the fact that it needs great attention because traces of food and drink can stain the marble.

The suppliers of luxury finishes have created top products that have an increased resistance. Depending on the design of the house, specialists decide if the cladding is made with a single piece of marble or with several pieces, similar to the tiles in terms of format. Marble is no longer used only for floors, but can also be placed on the walls of a house, giving the space an elegant touch.

Another alternative of elegant cladding is the travertine, which is also a porous sedimentary limestone rock. By grinding, the travertine gains a smooth and polished surface just like the marble. It can be applied as well as the marble and is available in different versions, being overlaid with gold and silver leaf.

Designers have created marble and travertine tiles that are either screen printed with designs from the most complex models, or they include motifs made with mosaic and wood. The use of such finishes will turn any arrangement into a real gem in terms of design.


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